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Recitation 12a: Exam Review

Material from Recitation:

Cheat Sheet

Since I did say that I would offer a sample cheat sheet, I will do so, with some hesitation. Disclaimer: while I can't stop you from doing so, don't simply "borrow" this. Looking back, there are things on here that aren't helpful and it's missing things that may be helpful. Also, writing the cheat sheet is arguably more helpful than having it with you. I do think the two column layout is helpful though.

I would say that copying any code from class is a waste of space. You'll notice from the old exams that there isn't a question that says "write quicksort from memory." If you need code we've used, it will provided. However, you should understand the general ideas of the algorithms we've covered. Code examples may be helpful as a reminder of what strong contracts look like. You might want to include some notes on how we represent integers (more than what I have on the sheet). We've done two major types of proofs: contract proofs and runtime proofs. If you've had trouble with those, an example of a good proof may be helpful.

If you have any comments or see any errors, please let me know.