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Alex's 15-122 Page

Section 1D

This is the archived Fall 12 page. The Spring 2013 page is here.

This is a place for me to post material that I use over the course of the semester. It will mostly be for recitation material, but I will also slowly add to the resources and links pages. My plan for the recitation pages is to initially post the examples and occasional handouts from recitation and then go back when I have a chance and write up some accompanying notes.

Code that I link to can be edited right in your browser, if you want to try something before looking at the solution (if you change the page, it will go away though!).

Also, I don't claim to have any talent for web "design." Just reusing a site layout I made a few years ago. Not exactly beautiful, but functional.

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If you have any comments or see any errors, please let me know.