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Recitation 01: Getting Started

Printing information is buffered. This means that text may not display on your terminal immediately. Printing a newline (\n) flushes the buffer and displays all buffered text. A newline is automatically added by println, but no other print functions. For more information about C0 libraries, see the C0 library reference. To illustrate this point:

  acappiel@unix10:~$ coin -lconio
  C0 interpreter (coin) 0.3.2 'Nickel' (r256, Thu Jan  3 14:18:03 EST 2013)
  Type `#help' for help or `#quit' to exit.
  --> print("hi");
  --> print("\n");
  --> println("hello");
  --> #quit

If you have any comments or see any errors, please let me know.