The Home of the IRS

The Ironic Refrigerators who Squeak have continued to push the bounds of tomato sauce packaging since our inception a month ago. Our innovative work with various shapes explores the impact a company can have on the going Green movement -- less materials means less harm to the environment, and a reduced cost for the consumer. The exciting shape is both manageable and forward-looking, as everyone loves circles, right? They're graceful and sensuous and round. Our technology sends a powerful statement to all who see it: the person who buys this is either off their metaphorical rocker or far too mindlessly trendy for their own good. Either way, it effects a positive baby step towards a better and more interesting world.
Our mission is to help you cook the most splendidly fabulous Italian dinner and still have a fishbowl left over afterwards. That's why we've slaved over precise calculations and immaculate logic for our project. Or, that, and four out of five dentists say it validates us not having to build a sample model before manufacturing our product for the consumer. We are the IRS, and we're here for all the ridiculous lawsuits sure to ensue.

The IRS is:
Abby: Design and Mathematical Consultant
Alex: Webmaster and Mathematical Modeling Expert
Kaitlin: Mathematical Consultant and Contributing Writer
Robby: Market Analyst and Number-Cruncher